Nov. 12. Enduring Temptations; Righteous Living

Jas. 1:9-27

Persecuted Christians undergo many changes in their lives. If they lose their possessions, they should be thankful that they still have the promise of salvation. Should sudden riches come upon them, they must remain humble and focused upon God. Riches as well as life itself are only temporary and can go away as charred grass under the blazing sun.

James pointed out that those who endure temptations will receive a crown of life. Lest anyone should forget that temptations come from Satan, the readers were reminded that God cannot be tempted nor does He tempt anyone. Everything good comes from God.

It is not a sin to be tempted. One sees, desires and is enticed. Sin occurs only when he yields to that temptation. Each person is responsible for his own actions and should avoid circumstances that would draw him into temptations.

When a person is subjected to persecutions and temptations, it is very easy to allow anger to interfere with rational judgment. Since God made Christians new creatures through His truth, James commanded his readers to remember to let His word direct their lives. It is important to realize that merely having the word is insufficient. One must put God’s word, the perfect (complete) law of liberty into action through obedience to it.

Circumstances in life sometimes cause a person to lose control of his tongue and speak harshly. James pointed out that a Christian who does not control his words deceives himself and has a useless religion. He described pure religion as one that lives a spotless life and sees to the needs of others, especially those who are unable to care for themselves.