Nov. 14. Final Preparations Continued

Num. 34:1-35:34

God continued to give instructions regarding settling the Promised Land. He pointed out the outside boundaries of the area that the Israelites would occupy. Eleazar and Joshua would be in charge of allotting the various parcels of land with a leader from each tribe assisting.

The Levites, being separated from the rest of Israel for the work of priests did not receive the same type of inheritance as the others. They were to be given forty-eight cities each within parcels of land with boundaries about a half-mile long on each side. Six of those cities were to be cities of refuge—three on each side of the Jordan River.

Taking the life of another person is a serious offence. God defined murder and accidental killing. He provided rules for dealing with each type of death. A person who accidently killed another person could flee to a city of refuge and be safe as long as he remained in that city. It was necessary for more than one witness to testify for a person to be convicted of murder.

After the death of the high priest, one could safely leave the city of refuge and return to his home.