Nov. 18. Patience Encouraged; Swearing Condemned

Jas. 5:7-12

The writer returned to the main theme of his letter and encouraged the Jewish Christians to be patient. As a farmer patiently waits for the harvest, they were urged to patiently wait for the Lord’s return. They were to exercise their patience like Job without grumbling about their hardships. No one wants to listen to a complainer, especially God. He destroyed thousands of Jews in the wilderness because of their murmuring.

James emphasized the importance of not using God’s name in a profane and vain (frivolous, irreverent) manner. The first three commandments of the Law of Moses dealt with the proper honor and respect for God and His name.

Many who would not dare to use the words God or Jesus in an expletive as in ”cussing” casually use common derivations of His name in their every day conversations. Some examples of these words include “Gee, Gosh, Gad, Egad, Lord Have Mercy, Golly, Good Gracious, Good Grief, My Goodness, Goodness Knows, Thank Goodness” and many others. One of the worst on TV and in every day conversation is, “Oh, my God.” “Heavens, Good Heavens, For Heaven’s Sake” are words used to call the heavens to witness a statement as truth. Another term that is often used in a frivolous way is, “If the good Lord is willing and the creeks don’t rise, I will…”