Nov. 2. Responsibility of new Christians to Grow

Heb. 5:12-6:20

At this point in his letter, the Hebrews writer paused in his explanation of Christ and the priesthood to criticize them for their lack of growth and maturity regarding spiritual matters. The explanation of the Priesthood of Christ as it related to Melchizedek is somewhat complicated. It was necessary to remind them of their weakness and cause them to concentrate more deeply upon these facts. They had been Christians long enough that they should have been teaching others the same things that were being explained to them at that time.

When a person is reborn as a Christian, he is a babe in Christ. He must be fed spiritual milk first and as he grows as a Christian, he becomes able to digest solid food or understand spiritual meat. The Hebrews had not advanced in their spiritual maturity beyond the need for the milk of first principles.

As a child begins elementary school, he learns “The ABCs” and how to count. It is necessary to build upon this newly acquired knowledge of the English language and mathematics and to progress to advanced application of these first principles of secular education. Likewise, according to the Hebrews writer, it is necessary for Christians to build upon their initial faith and obedience to an advanced application of these first principles to their spiritual development.

The Hebrews writer warned his readers of the dangers of turning their backs on Christ. He stated that if they fall away and completely reject Christ, they crucify the Son of God again and it is impossible for them to be renewed and be saved from their sins. They would have committed the “Unpardonable Sin.”

After warning the Hebrews of the dangers of falling away, the writer explained that he was confident that they would continue in the good works that they had done and not be guilty of rejecting their salvation. He reminded them of the oath that God, who cannot lie had sworn to Abraham regarding His promise of blessing and multiplying him. God kept that promise and He will continue to keep His promise to save his faithful Christian children. Christians have the hope of salvation through Jesus, the “High Priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.”