Nov. 22. Christians Purchased with Christ’s Blood

I Pet. 1:17-2:3

Christians are valuable. They are not purchased with precious metals like silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Christ. God had planned from the beginning to send Christ to die for the sins of the world. Peter said that He was revealed “in these last times.” (The Christian Dispensation)

Those who believe in God and Christ and are obedient to the commands of the gospel are born again to a spiritual family. With this new birth comes the responsibility to not only love God, but also to love one’s spiritual family. This brotherly love was especially essential as the church suffered persecution. Everything pertaining to the flesh is temporary, but the word of God that brings about the spiritual life lasts forever.

Peter instructed his spiritually born-again readers to return to the innocence they had when they were first born into the physical world. Infants are not consumed with hatred, evil speaking and other vices associated with a sinful life. As spiritually newborn babies, Christians should have a fervent hunger for the pure word of God which is their spiritual food.