Nov. 23. Christians Are Different and Special

I Pet. 2:4-17

Individual Christians were referred to as living stones in a spiritual house (the church). Peter wrote of Jesus, a stone that had been rejected by the Jews as a living chief cornerstone in that house. He stated that those who refuse to obey the word of God stumble on the same stone.

Like the Hebrews writer had earlier written about the relationship of Christ as a High Priest who was offered once for the sins of the people, Peter stated that Christians are a royal priesthood. They have become a special people called by God’s mercy from “darkness into His marvelous light.” Under the Jewish law, only priests could speak to God for the people. The Christian dispensation allows individuals to pray to God for themselves through Christ, the High Priest.

Peter wrote in his letter of how different and special Christians are. Even though these believers were scattered and living among Gentile unbelievers, he stressed the importance of their behavior. Their Christ-like examples of good works among unbelievers would bring glory to God in the eyes of those unbelievers.

Among the characteristics of God’s people is their attitude toward civil government. Jesus had taught His hearers to, “Render therefore to Caesar the things of Caesar, and to God the things that are God’s.”

Peter taught that same principle when he admonished to, “Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake…” If a law of government does not contradict God’s law, man is compelled by God to comply with that law, even if we think that 55 mph is too slow on the open highway—to disobey is to disobey God.