Nov. 24. Admonitions to Various Individual Groups of Christians

I Pet. 2:18-3:12

God does not classify Christians according to social status, gender or occupation. Servants sometimes refused to abide by their stations in life. Whether slaves or hired, they were admonished to submit to their masters or employers.

Many times servants were punished unjustly. Even in those circumstances, Peter admonished them to suffer patiently as Christ had patiently suffered for the sins of man. All must remember how Christ who had no sins suffered unjustly in order for man who is a sinful creature to have forgiveness and freedom from his sins.

As Christian slaves were instructed to be submissive to their masters, Peter instructed Christian wives to be submissive to their own husbands even if the husbands were not believers. He pointed out that the example of a good Christian wife could be a greater influence toward her husband accepting Christ than what she might say.

Many women felt that their beauty was presented by the way they wore their hair and dressed in fancy clothing. Peter did not condemn their outward beauty. He stressed that their real beauty was within the heart and was expressed by the way in which they conducted themselves.

Lest husbands should become smug and abusive in their authority over their wives, Peter instructed them to respect their wives. Since husbands are physically stronger than their wives, it is their responsibility to protect them from danger. Marriage is a partnership and husbands and wives are to dwell together as instruments in God’s service.

In order to thrive as Christians among their persecutors, Peter reminded his readers of their relationship to one another as brothers in Christ. This relationship requires unity, love and compassion for one another. He stressed the importance of a Christ-like attitude of not returning evil for evil, but good, instead of seeking revenge for offences committed against them.

Peter turned to the Psalms to reinforce his admonition to his readers to do good instead of evil. He stated that the eyes and ears of the Lord are open to the righteous, but that His face is turned against those who do evil. Christians can enjoy God’s blessings in this life and in the life to come. According to Peter, evildoers who call upon God in prayer will not be heard.