Nov. 25. Continuing to Look Toward the Future

Deut. 18:1-20:20

Moses reminded the Israelites again of their responsibility to care for the Levites because they were not to receive an inheritance of any of the land. They had been chosen by God to preside over their religious activities and would be supported by the tithes from the other tribes.

There were to be no dealings with the false prophets, witches, fortune tellers or any other type of spiritist. They were an abomination to God. Moses spoke of a true Prophet that God would raise up for them to hear. That Prophet would come many years later as the Messiah, but they would not recognize Him as the chosen One.

Moses repeated other rules that had been put into place by God. They included the provision of cities of refuge for those who caused accidental death to someone. Other rules pertained to property boundaries, witnesses and principles governing warfare.