Nov. 25. Prophecies about Persia and Greece


The approximate time that Daniel’s final vision occurred was in 536 B.C. after some of the first Jews had returned to Jerusalem from Babylon. That was many years before the events described actually took place. He was too old at the time to go back home. In his vision, Daniel saw a man clothed in brilliant attire and his face looked like lightening. He reacted as any man would. His body trembled and went limp. He became speechless. Daniel was touched by another angel and regained his speech and strength.

It was revealed in Daniel’s vision that a series of four kings would rise up in Persia. The fourth, being the richest of all would rise up against Greece. That Grecian king would be Alexander the Great, a great and powerful monarch. However, after Alexander’s death, his kingdom would be divided into four smaller realms for a time.

Of those four Grecian kingdoms, the kingdom to the north, Syria and the kingdom to the south, Egypt would pose the greatest threat to Judah. They would frequently war against one another.

History reveals that the marriage of a daughter of the Egyptian king to the Syrian king produced a brief period of uneasy peace. That alliance did not last long. Finally, Syria captured Judah and their succeeding king, Antiochus IV Epiphanes attempted to destroy the Jews and all that pertained to their worship to God. He desecrated the temple by worshiping idols inside God’s house. Even in the face of death, there were some Jews who remained faithful to God. Those events verified Daniel’s vision seen hundreds of years earlier.