Nov. 27. Second Letter from Peter

II Pet. 1:1-4

Even though Peter identified himself as the writer of this letter, there are some who doubt that it was written by this apostle. It is agreed by numerous scholars that due to the various personal references that the writer made to himself and the fact that he placed his name on the epistle, the apostle Peter is in fact the author of II Peter.

Peter’s second letter was probably written from Babylon about A.D. 67 to the same churches that received his first letter. The first letter was written to encourage those Christians as they faced bitter persecutions. This letter pointed out the needs for knowledge, Christian growth and overcoming the presence of false teachers.

The author began his letter as was the custom of most writers by identifying himself. “Simon Peter, a bondservant and apostle of Jesus Christ” addressed his readers as those who shared the same faith with him in Christ.

Peter pointed out that God and Christ through divine power have given ALL things necessary for life and godliness. They may be acquired by a careful study of the Scriptures. There will be NO other revelations.