Nov. 30. Blessing and Safety with God

Ps. 1:1-6; 91:1-16

Following the return of Israel/Judah from exile, the people had a renewed sense of worship and adoration of God. They used various psalms as methods of expressing their praise to the Deliverer. Among those were “wisdom psalms,” The first psalm that is found in the Bible is one of those psalms of wisdom.

One can readily observe the sharp contrast between righteous and unrighteous men. The righteous man heeds godly instructions and keeps them on his mind constantly, refusing to follow the ways of sinners. He is likened to a tree growing near abundant water that bears a bountiful harvest. On the other hand, the unrighteous are compared to the fluffy waste from the grain harvest. God will reward the godly, but the ungodly will perish.

The psalmist expressed his confidence in the protection of God. One may face many physical challenges in this life. We are not promised protection from all of those difficulties. Righteous living does prevent many of the consequences brought about by various sins. However, the faithful child of God can look forward to warmth and protection from ultimate spiritual destruction under His wings.