Nov. 30. Warnings Against False Teachers and their Doctrines

II Pet. 2:1-22

Peter pointed out that even during the Old Testament period, there were false prophets who spoke their own minds. He warned his readers of teachers that would be in their presence also teaching false doctrines and even denying the Lord. With enticing speech, they would present error as truth.

God does not look kindly upon those who would pervert His gospel. Angels are His special messengers and greater than man. However, even those angels who had sinned were cast from heaven. Peter cited cities and people from history who had been destroyed because of disobedience. He will also punish those who mislead through their false teaching. As the wicked are being punished, the righteous remnant will be saved.

Peter described false teachers as ungodly and listed some of their characteristics so they could be easily identified. They speak evil of things they don’t understand; enjoy sinful pleasures even during the daytime—not just under cover of darkness at night; look for opportunities to sin; are covetous; like dry wells—promising much, but empty of truth; unstable as clouds without rain blowing in the wind.

False teachers speak enticing words that attract many followers. They promise pleasures and freedom even though they themselves are slaves of corruption. Weaker Christians are especially vulnerable to their lies.

Peter described Christians who follow false teaching in graphic terms. They have left their pure state and are like a dog eating his own vomit or a sow that has been washed returning to the mud hole. He said that, “It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them.”