Nov. 6. Ezra Relates Opposition to City’s Reconstruction

Ez. 4:6-23

Ahasuerus was succeeded to the throne by his son, Artaxerxes. By that time, the temple had been rebuilt in Jerusalem and work to rebuild the city and its walls had begun. A group of neighboring people led by Rehum, the commander wrote a letter to Artaxerxes pointing out the dangers to his kingdom if the “rebellious and evil” Jerusalem’s rebuilding were completed. They asked that he examine the records to confirm the past history of the city and to order the halt to its reconstruction.

Artaxerxes replied that upon a search of the records, their concerns were confirmed. He gave the order to, “make these men cease, and that this city may not be built until the command is given by me.” After reading the letter, “they went up in haste…and by force of arms made them cease.”