Nov. 7. Story of two Plots

Esth. 2:19-3:15

Mordecai may have been an officer of Ahasuerus since he sat at the king’s gate. He just happened to be sitting at the gate when he heard a plot against the king. After Mordecai reported the incident to Esther, she informed the king that Mordecai had heard the two men’s plans. An investigation was conducted and the men were hanged. Mordecai’s name was recorded as having saved the king’s life—God’s providence in action.

King Ahasuerus promoted one of his officials, Haman to be over all of the princes of the kingdom. Everyone was to bow and pay homage to him in his new position. However, to do so would be worshipping a man instead of God. Mordecai refused to bow to a man. In seeking to right that “wrong” that had been committed against him and to get revenge against Mordecai, Haman plotted with the king to destroy all of the Jews in the land. Due notice was sent throughout the land ordering the slaughter of the Jews on a certain day.