NT message rises out of apostolic preaching

G. Stewart wrote in his daily devotional today: “Chapter 7 contains the longest single speech in the Book of Acts, and perhaps the most important.” At the same time, Tom Olbricht, who recently passed away, maintained in his book, His Love Compels,, “The most complete is Peter’s sermon to Cornelius and his household” in Acts 10 (p. 21). He used this sermon for the main points of his work on the message of the NT. At any rate, it is true that “the gospel story is … fleshed out from the basic apostolic preaching” (ibid.).

Peter’s sermon to Cornelius might be considered key, since it is the first one preached to Gentiles and covers more ground than Acts 7, in which Stephen recounts the story of Israel’s rejection of God. The message to the world is the message of Christ who came and died and formed a people, who sent his Spirit for worldwide mission, and who will return to gather his people to himself in heaven for eternal life.

I want you to recall both the predictions foretold by the holy prophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior through your apostles. 2 Peter 3.2 NET.