Nudge: impressing others

Impress othersHere’s a Nudge for you, peeps. From today’s reading in Php 2, the NLT renders a thought in verse 3 this way, “don’t try to impress others.” I’m not here to discuss the accuracy of that rending, but it leads me to the nudging question.

Share an embarrassing moment when you witnessed someone (yourself, even?) trying to impress others. No names, please.

Or, if you prefer, when someone could have taken advantage of a moment to impress others, but showed the humility to which verse 3 urges us.

Just a thought, also: Is there an instance in Scripture of someone trying to impress others?

Fellows, please reply in separate posts. Visitors, feel free to reply in the comment area.

#humility, #impressing-others, #philippians