Nudge, Nudge, Smirk, Smirk

Randal asked if we have a sense of humor. I’ve been told I have a good one. I love humor and can’t resist it. I have funny thoughts running through my head most of the time.

I have what is called a dry sense of humor that can be described as observational. I can usually rift off of the things I see around me quite easily. I also love witty repartee. It helps to read a lot to have more ammunition.

I am often thinking of funny replies to what people post on Facebook. But I try to resist. 🙂

I love puns and smart humor. I see humor in almost everything. I can sit at WalMart or watch TV and think of almost non-stop jokes. I always wanted to be on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Crude humor doesn’t have a place with me. In fact, my creed is, “Humor should amuse, not abuse.” I don’t believe in cruel humor because the Golden Rule dictates my life. If I don’t like it, I’m not doing it to others. Hence, I don’t taunt or cruelly mock others because I don’t want them turned on me.

Getting laughs with crude talk is too easy and therefore pointless. It’s like one comedian said about performing his comedy routine to a drunk audience. “If you make them laugh it doesn’t count. They’re drunk. They’re always laughing.”

It is disturbing that true humor is almost dead in popular culture. All they have left is the crude, easy joke. I think that either says something about the intelligence of the entertainment business or the public. Or, both.

I am dismayed that so many people fail to see humor in Scripture. In fact, some people see it as offensive to even suggest that there is humor in God’s Word. It is somehow sacrilegious.

How can you read Elijah mocking the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18), Balaam and the donkey (Numbers 22) and Micaiah and Ahab (1 Kings 22) and a host of others without laughing?

Job was so frustrated with the rants of his ignorant friends that he said, “No doubt you are the people, and wisdom will die with you!” (Job 12:2). I find this funny but have pointed that out to congregations and they just stare at me. Maybe that says something about my humor.

Besides women like a man with a sense of humor. Or, so I’ve been told.

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