Nudge: Philippians 2:1-7

My biggest problem is spelling it! I always want to get two “l”s and one “p”. Paul says his joy would be complete when brethren would be “like-minded” . . . “of one accord and of one mind”. At first glance this appears as if he is telling us to become like toy soldiers lined up on a store shelf – every one of them alike and the same. But we know that the only way that could be achieved is if we didn’t use out “thinkers”. But God put “thinkers” in each of us and no two think exactly alike. So how can we be “of one mind”? If it isn’t thinking exactly alike, what is it? The context reveals the answer. The one mind we all are to develop is the “mind of Christ”. It is that state of mind where we shun selfish ambition and conceit and esteem others better than ourselves. It is that state of mind that willingly sacrifices ourselves and even our own opinions, judgments and conclusions for the good of others. In our generation it seems the latter is more difficult than the former.