Nudge Your Pen

Hello, everyone. Things are quiet here with Randal away. I wanted to offer a Nudge and hopefully stir your thoughts and pen.

I thought of something and I wanted to share and get your thoughts on it. How does it relate to your life experience?

“What we know of life is where we have been and the roads we have traveled. We listen and watch others, but they take their own individual paths. Our own road ahead,  and its sharp turns, are only vaguely familiar and often, shrouded in fog. Accordingly we must remain attentive to whatever comes our way, so we can handle the unexpected. ”

Less than one week ago, my legs were no longer able to hold me up. I have been on crutches, unable to walk. I am some better, but it is always sobering when you hit one of those sharp and unexpected turns. Scripture warned us that they would come (Matthew 6:34; Job 14:1). However, they still jolt us from our sleepwalking, so to speak.

What thoughts do you have along this line?

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