Numbers 1

  1. One month after the Tabernacle was erected (Exodus 40:17), Moses is commanded to number the men of Israel, all those over 20 years of age, those who were able to carry arms and go to war (it is interesting that no age limit is applied but those of youth). The number of those prepared to defend the Lord’s cause numbered over 600,000, the Levites not counted.
  2. Application: The Levites had a specific task surrounding service, tearing down, transporting, and erecting the Tabernacle. Those not Levites were prepared to defend the nation in addition to the Tabernacle; they were the first line of defense. The second line of defense to the Tabernacle was the Levites themselves. They were not merely passive instruments, but they were prepared to be an aggressor as a foreigner came too close to that which belonged to the Lord. It brings to mind our individual response to the Lord’s cause. Peter said that we are to be ready always (1 Peter 3:15); are we?