Numbers 10

1. An orderly arrangement of the Israelites departing (10:1-10). When the Lord determines for the Israelites to depart, the sons of Aaron will give the proper signal and those camping on the east will begin the journey.

2. The Lord commands the Hebrews to depart for their next destination; 11 months after they received the “Ten Words” (Exodus 19:1), they depart toward a place that was pivotal in their history (10:11-28).

3. Moses’ brother-in-law (Hobab) goes with Israel (cf. Judges 1:16) on a 3 day journey (10:29-36). As the ark of the covenant sets out, Moses gives proper remarks to the occasion.

4. Application: The orderly arrangement in departing from one location to another, is there any application to this we might make for the Lord’s church? Clearly there is, and it is likely the passage that quickly comes to mind is 1 Corinthians 14:33. Doing things decently and in order is a good thing and has its own justification.