Numbers 11

  1. It seems to me this chapter is best summed up as a chapter of bitterness and burden.
  2. About a year after they departed from Egypt, having seen the Lord’s mighty works, the people complain. They leave one area they had become accustomed to (Egypt), to an area that was desolate. This brought about a “change” in diet; they complained that they were unable to eat what they did in Egypt (11:4-10). Consequently, Egypt became a yearning for them with regard to food. The weight Moses felt was simply oppressive. To the Lord he went and sought guidance (11:11-15). The Lord answers Moses petition with a burden lifted (11:16-17, 21-23, 31-35) and food for them that became judgment (11:18-20, 24-30).
  3. Application: Great men are great leaders for a number of varied reasons. Moses never considered himself worthy of the task given him; when he took the Lord’s task upon him, his name became great in both Israel and Egypt. Though the Lord placed upon him a heavy burden, it was also the Lord who gave him the reprieve he desired. Jesus looked at the 12 disciples and He saw other disciples no longer walk with Him. To the 12 He asked, will you also go away? We may not feel worthy for the task, but is the solution to go away?