Numbers 13

  1. The children of Israel approach the land of promise from the south. Before entry Moses sent 12 men to spy out the land, giving a full report of what they see. 40 days later they return with that report and some produce from within. The report is just as the Lord said; it is a land of milk and honey. However, within the land are a formidable people, a people that many of the spies felt could not be overcome. Only Caleb mentioned in the chapter opposes the report (Joshua was also alongside Caleb, though his opposition is not mentioned).
  2. Application: Moses was ready to go into the land, but he heeded the counsel of those who wanted to spy out the land (Deuteronomy 1:19-26). Of those 12 spies that came back, only two gave an encouraging report. That encouraging report was alongside the Lord’s promise. As the other 10 noted, the land was great and the people looked powerful, but after having experienced all that they did in the last 2 years (or so), how could anyone even entertain that they could not be victorious?! But that is exactly what occurred. To make it worse, the report the unbelievers gave influenced a great many. It is almost like some just want to disbelieve and all they need is a spark to fire up their unbelief. How committed to the Lord’s word are you? Are you looking for only a spark to fire up unbelief? If so, the Lord will give you a spark that you will wish you had not received!