Numbers 16

  1. Korah’s rebellion was a rebellion that was couched in not accepting the Lord’s assigned role (16:1-35). Rather than accepting the role God gave, they wanted more (16:10). In this desire sins resulted: they rejected the Lord’s assignments, they called the land from which they came the land of milk and honey (16:13), they rejected the Lord’s chosen servants (16:3, 13), and they led many others into this rebellion – the blind that lead the blind…(16:31-35). These are just some of the easily pointed out problems resulting when one rejects the Lord’s way.
  2. A refusal to learn (16:36-50). If there was ever a time to learn from the Lord surely it would have been when the Lord opened up the earth and destroyed the rebellious – but some just refuse to learn. This points out a significant point to not be missed: for some it does not matter what the evidence says; when there is a desire to believe something – even when evidence is contrary to that desired belief – that something will be believed (to one’s own destruction).
  3. Application: Korah’s rebellion cost many people their lives. All it takes is for one to instigate a complaint and others will follow along. Unfortunately, as Acts 19:32 indicates, many are not even sure why they are with the crowd – they just are. Moses tried to “head” this off (if you will) by appealing to them to clear themselves of any association (16:26), and those who paid no attention had attention paid to them (16:31-35)! What a shame to be destroyed (because of a lack of knowledge) when the Lord so aptly made Himself known.