Numbers 17

  1. The rod of Aaron is the essential point of this chapter. C-15 addressed the sins of those who “miss-stepped”, having no desire to be disobedient to the Lord as a practice; it also addressed the sins of those who cared not what the Lord said as all. C-16 is an illustration of this latter failing. This chapter (C-17) puts closure on exactly who the Lord will accept and who He will not.
  2. Application: Presumptuous sins are deadly. When Korah thought Moses and Aaron took too much on themselves, the Lord let it be known that they only took what He authorized to be taken. Some, however, were slow in learning there was a price to be paid; because they were “slow-learners” (hardness of heart) the Lord, in His mercy, demonstrates once again. Why is it that some are so slow? It is only because some want to be “slow-learners.”