Numbers 18

  1. The responsibility given to Aaron and his sons is also considered a gift from God (18:1-7). The gift is not to be lightly esteemed; in fact, the gift is to be respected, revered, and protected. If there is a compromise in any way, the Levites and the sons of Aaron were accountable to the Lord for the compromise that had been committed by another.
  2. The sons of Aaron (and the Levites) were given no land possessions, but they were given the best of Israel’s offerings to the Lord (18:8-20). Associated with the regular offering would also be the tithe offerings (18:21-24). The Levites were to get the tithe offers of the Israelites. Wenham mentions that the previous words are found in other places of the Pentateuch, but the tithing to the Levites is something new. When considering the importance the Lord placed on this particular ministry, He provided for the Aaron and the Levites a rather large income – if the nation would be faithful to their duties in service to God (18:25-32).
  3. Application: It is sometime thoughts that certain occupations are not to be well provided. In other words, there are certain occupations that is to stay perpetually (almost) poor. One such occupation is the ministry. The Lord did not so regard. With the tremendous responsibility placed on service to the Lord, the Lord compensated the Levites very well. The word “ministry” is a perfectly good word, but it is a word that I generally shy away from because it has a connotation that has baggage (at least to me). No matter the significance of the word, the work is tremendously important and not just any man ought to be engaged in it. It is not an occupation/career; it is a way of life.