Numbers 19

  1. The water of purification is an ordinance that is obligatory to the Israelites. The Jews call this “the law of the Red Cow” and say that the law is beyond human understanding. Purification is very important to the Lord; if one is not purified, how can he stand before the Lord? He can’t; thus, a remedy to and for those unclean. If an unclean person refused purification, that person who refused has the Lord’s wrath prepared for him (her).
  2. Application: In order to stand before the Lord today, one must come to (and have applied) the spiritually pure blood of Christ. When Simon stood guilty (condemned) before Peter, he appealed to Peter to pray for him that what he said would not happen to him (Acts 8:20-24). Some have called this God’s “second law of pardon,” and by that is meant that after one becomes a Christian, what shall he do when sin is against him?