Numbers 24

  1. Continuing with the theme of the previous chapter, Balaam now alters his method. Rather than going to the Lord he simply looks toward the wilderness and then God’s Spirit enter him in spite of his effort (Balaam). Not only does the Lord see no iniquity in Jacob, but the family of God is like a pleasant garden (24:1-9). This did not escape Balak (24:10-11). Balaam responds with a, “I told you so,” and then gives the king some additional words from the Lord (24:15-25). Judgment is pending for Moab, Amalek, and the Kenites, and in the course of these words of judgment, there is a word of prophecy toward the messiah (Chumash, p. 873).
  2. Application: Balak did not want to hear Balaam. He thought he could bribe him, but whatever desire Balaam had in receiving a bribe, the Lord would not allow any success. In this there is a lesson: no matter the amount of success one has in life, at the proper time the Lord will bring all to account. Worldly success may provide for much, but what will it do with one’s worldly existence is over?