Numbers 25

  1. Tragedy struck Israel. Since the Lord gave Balaam no authority to curse the Israelites, another plan was implemented. Israel had become a mighty warrior nation (because the Lord brought them victories), but now even the strong can succumb when his weakness is exposed. Sexual intimacy if often the road traveled in making one weak. Not all of Israel had succumbed to an evil weakness; many stood strong, and one such individual was the High Priest’s son, Phineas. With such devotion to the Lord’s cause, the Lord gives him the covenant of peace.
  2. Application: The protective wall of the Lord was never penetrated by an outside force, but as soon as some inside were enticed with evil, the Lord’s protective wall was scaled. The scaling, if you will, was not the result of the Lord’s impotency, but of the Israelites desire for sin. No one can take us out of the hand of the Lord, but we sure can fall (remove ourselves) from His hands.