Numbers 3

Chapter 3: (Monday, 6/20/2011)

  1. The sons of Aaron and the duties of the Levites. Aaron had four sons, but due to an unauthorized offering before the Lord, Aaron’s sons were down to two. The duties of the Levites pertained (in this chapter) to guarding, protecting, and execution of any unauthorized (foreigner) who came to the Tabernacle. The clans of the Levites were identified (with some additional specific duties told to us in the next chapter). Moses was also to “tally-up” the male Levites that were one month old and older (3:15). Since the firstborn male that came from the womb belonged to the Lord, Moses was told that there would be a “substitute.” Each Levite male would “replace” the firstborn of each Israelite “tallied-up” (also one month old and upward; 3:40). Each Levite firstborn equaled each Israelite firstborn. There were 22,000 Levite firstborn males and there were 22,273 firstborn Israelite firstborn males. The difference of 273 had a redemption price to be paid of five shekels (Wenham comments that an ordinary laborer could be expected to make less than a shekel per month, p. 71).
  2. Application: Pertaining to that which was sacred there were certain people who were called upon by the Lord to defend with their life (if necessary). There is a powerful lesson in this for us: for what would we give in exchange for giving up that which is holy?