Numbers 32

  1. The children of Israel are on the east side of the Jordan River, preparing to enter the land the Lord promised many years earlier. Some of the tribes of Israel (Gad, Manasseh, Reuben) expressed an interest in staying on the east side on account of the quantity of their livestock. Moses resisted as first, but they reassured him that they, too, will cross over and fight for their brethren as they seek to gain their own land promise.
  2. Application: the old axiom of be sure your sin will find you out is a helpful truth for each of us to remember. Though we may have secret sins that we try desperately to hide, in time these will be exposed. It matters not how good we have become at hiding them, they will be seen. Everyone who reads these remarks knows well what is inside of them concerning a secret sin (sins) and the guilt we walk with. If we address it with the Lord, since this is what we must do, then the sin is not exposed, but confessed.