Numbers 36

  1. A clarification is given to an earlier injunction (C-27). It might be thought that what the Lord said in C-27 He had to correct in this chapter. To so think, however, would be a mistake. The words of C-27 and the words of this chapter are spoken in the same location. Moses’ inclusion of them here is his doing when there was a question brought up – nothing more.
  2. Application: There is a good point to consider on this: marriage. Marriage is sacred, and those who marry are to be of a similar mind. Of course, the differences between the male and female are stark, but there can be similarity to thinking that is important. When a Christian prepares to marry, is it better to marry a Christian or a non-Christian? To ask is to answer. If so, then why do Christians marry non-Christians? A number of reasons, I suppose; many of these marriages turn out very well, but for the many more that don’t, who gives in? I know of a lady, daughter of an elder, who gave in to her husband’s wish and went to a man-made church in order to save her marriage. Both were weak spiritually. This can happen to any. Be careful, be smart, and, above all, be committed to the Lord’s way.