Numbers 4

  1. Of the Levites, the sons of Kohath, those between the age of 30 and 50, they are to do the work in regard to the tent of meeting (of those who can come on duty). The sons of Aaron will properly “pack” all things associated with the tent of meeting, and the sons of Kohath shall transport them, being sure not to touch the holy things (covered or uncovered, presumably), apart from that associated with necessity (4:1-20).
  2. Of the Levites, the sons of Gershon (between the same ages) are to do the duties pertaining to the Tabernacle structure itself (all cloth related items). They are to pack and unpack, as necessary, they were to carry these as necessary, but ultimately that which they were tasked to do was placed on carts (4:21-28; cf. 7:7).
  3. Of the Levites, the sons of Merari (between the same ages) are to do the duties associated with the skeletal structure of the Tabernacle complex (4:29-33).
  4. Those of these three groups numbered 8,580 (4:48).
  5. Application: There are a couple of thoughts worth considering. First, the sacred approach each is to take to their duty. This was God’s charge to the men who served, and failure was catastrophic. Second, each had a role that must be served, and as each served their God-designed role, there was a God-designed unity.