Numbers 7

  1. The longest chapter in the Pentateuch, and one that addresses the supplies associated with the work of the service of the Tabernacle. With regard to chronology, Wenham offers the following: the Tabernacle was erected (7:1; cf. Exodus 40:2), the laws associated with the sacrifices and the supplies for Tabernacle service given (7:3; cf. Leviticus 1:1), the priests were ordained (Leviticus 8-10), and finally, the offerings for the Tabernacle service ended (7:78).
  2. Application: It may be difficult to glean an application from this chapter, but one that could and should be remembered is the participation of the whole nation in the Tabernacle service. In each congregation of the Lord’s church, all those who have identified themselves with the Lord are to participate in worship to the Lord. With such participation, no Christian will fall for the shallow and unspiritual remark of “I did not get anything out of church today.”