Numbers 8


  1. The candlestick (lampstand) was the means of lighting in the holy place (section) of the Tabernacle. Of importance are the words of the Lord to Israel that the lampstand is to be made according to the pattern shown to Moses (8:4). As with the altar of burnt offerings, the lampstand was to be attended twice a day, a fire was to be kept burning continually (Exodus 29:38-42; 30:7-8).
  2. The purification of the Levites. Coffman notes that some things within the chapter are obscure to us, but be that as it may, the thrust of the chapter is plain enough to understand (8:14-19). Properly purified, the Lord set the parameters pertaining to their age (8:23-26).
  3. Application: The Lord said that His saints are to be holy because He is holy. Holy is both a state of mind and a declarative state from the Lord. If we think of ourselves as holy before the Lord, without Him actually declaring such, then we are not. Let us first start with a response to the Lord, and then allow Him to teach us how to maintain that holiness (cf. Colossians 3:16-17).