Oct. 10. Church and Marriage Relationship Compared

Eph. 5:22-33

Paul pointed out that the Christian life is a life of loving submission to God and to one another. He continued by relating the responsibilities of submission among various groups.

The church is the only institution on earth greater than marriage. Paul compared the relationship between Christ and the church with the relationship between husband and wife.

As the husband leads the family as its head, the wife is to submit to him with love and respect. Just as all Christians are one in the body of Christ, the husband and wife are one flesh in marriage. The husband must love his wife as his own body—even to the point of dying for her. Likewise, Christ as head of His church gave His life to save the church, so it must submit to His authority.

Paul did not command wives to blindly obey their husbands, nor did he give license to husbands to be unreasonable with their wives. Marriage is a partnership and husbands and wives must mutually love and respect one another in this sacred relationship. The wishes of the husband should be a law to the wife and the wishes of the wife should be a law to the husband. Neither wife nor husband is to follow the other to disobey God.