Oct. 11. Laws of the Temple

Ezek. 44:1-45:25

The Lord took Ezekiel in his vision back outside to the eastern gate, but it was closed because the Lord had entered at that gate. After that, he was taken to the north gate where God began to review the temple laws with him. One of the more important laws dealt with the temple sanctity and who would be permitted to enter. No foreigner uncircumcised in heart or flesh could enter the temple. The priests who had previously defiled the temple worship would not be allowed to continue with those responsibilities, but instead would have limited duties as gatekeepers and ministers of the house. Main priestly responsibilities would be assigned to the faithful sons of Zadok, who also was of the tribe of Levi. Ezekiel received other laws regarding the duties and conduct of the priests. As at the beginning of the priesthood, they would have no land ownership, but would be sustained by the offerings of the people.

Upon their future return, there would be allocations of certain portions of land. One portion described would be set aside for the temple and for the houses of the priests. Various other portions were also described and allocated. Standard weights and measures were also established. God instructed Ezekiel about the various offerings that would be required upon Israel’s return home.