Oct. 13. Egypt Receives Another Warning; Jehoiachin Released from Prison

Ezek. 29:17-21; II Kn. 25:27-30; Jer. 52:31-34

A couple of years after Ezekiel’s vision of the restoration of Israel and the temple, he received another warning regarding Egypt. Since Nebuchadnezzar had helped God punish Judah for her sins, He had promised wages to Babylon in the form of victory over Tyre. That victory was only partial as Tyre had only been crippled and not totally destroyed. Egypt’s previous warnings had been ignored and God was ready to allow Nebuchadnezzar to punish another sinful nation for Him. Egypt would be conquered by Babylon.

After many years of power, King Nebuchadnezzar died and his son, Evil-Merodach succeeded him. Soon after becoming king, Evil-Merodach released Judah’s king, Jehoiachin from prison during his thirty-seventh year of captivity. The new Babylonian king allowed Jehoiachin to have special privileges in his household for the rest of his life.