Oct. 14. Prophecies Against Babylon and Others

Is. 13:1-14:23; 21:1-17

Approximately two hundred years before it occurred, Isaiah prophesied the fall of Babylon. Babylon had been a great and powerful empire, but they also had worshipped idol gods instead of the living God. Various other idol worshipping kingdoms who had opposed Israel had been warned by the prophets of impending destruction. The Lord instructed Isaiah to declare the fate that would also befall the Babylonians. He described the cruel events that would occur during the attack against them by the Medes. Babylon would be destroyed never to be rebuilt.

The result of Babylon’s overthrow would allow Israel to return to their own land as their captivity would end and their captors would become their servants. Mighty Babylon would be humiliated and join their previous victims and become as they were in defeat. The land would be at rest and happy.

Babylon’s destruction was further described by the prophet as he saw a distressing vision of their fall. Elam/Persia and Media would form a coalition to attack and conquer the mighty Babylon. Treachery and plunder would be rampant. The images of their idol gods unable to save them would be broken as the true God inflicted His punishment upon the evil kingdom. Isaiah continued his prophecy by pronouncing doom against the Edomites and Arabians.