Oct. 15. Put Away old Sinful Life; Put on new

Col. 3:1-4:1

Paul reasoned that if one had died with Christ and had been raised with Him, his affections must be on the things that are above with Him and not with the earthly things of his past life as a sinner. Sins such as fornication, uncleanness, covetousness, lying, malice, filthy language and others that he mentioned are to be buried with the old man.

In Christ there is no distinction between nationalities, races, genders or social classes. They all are the elect of God. All become one in Him and the elect of God upon their obedience to His commands.

The new man, the newly resurrected Christian is to put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness and longsuffering. As Paul had stressed earlier, Christians cannot expect to be forgiven by God unless they are willing to forgive one another. With love in his heart, one will possess these characteristics and enjoy the peace of God in the body of Christ in this life and later receive his reward in heaven.

Paul made the same admonition to the Colossians about singing that he had made to the Ephesians. Singing is a direct act of worship to God and a major teaching tool to edify one another. Christians must allow the word of God or the Spirit to fill the heart as they teach and admonish others in song.

There is no mention of a mechanical instrument of music connected with singing. Everyone is admonished to sing. If an instrument were intended, that same admonition would also require each person to play an instrument. Additionally, if the Lord had wanted one’s singing to be accompanied with mechanical music, he would have surely made that known in His word.

The sound of mechanical instruments overpowers the vocal expressions of singing making it difficult to fully understand the words being expressed in the songs. There is a danger that one will focus his attention upon the musical performance instead of the words being sung intended for his admonition. All that Christians do in worship must be done in the name of the Lord Jesus or by His authority. Therefore, man must not usurp the wisdom of God by adding sounds that He did not authorize!

Paul also repeated his instructions for wives to submit to their own husbands. This submission is to be in love and respect for the responsibilities husbands have, not as masters, but as the heads or leaders of the family. She, however, is not to allow her husband to lead her to disobey God.

Husbands were also commanded to love their wives. They are to protect their wives to the extent of dying for them. Husbands must not mistake their leadership role as an excuse to be a ruler or tyrant.

Children were instructed to obey their parents in all things. That includes unpleasant chores as well as those things that are enjoyable. A child is relieved from that responsibility if his parents try to influence him to disobey God.

Fathers are to relate to their children in a way that will encourage them to be obedient to their parents and to God. Harsh and constant criticism hinders the mental and spiritual development of tender minds. The father who constantly finds fault may eventually cause his child to give up in despair.

As he stated to the Ephesians, Paul also urged the Colossian slaves to obey and respect their masters. Servants, whether they are slaves or hired are required to give an honest service before God.

Just as slaves were required to serve their masters, the masters were to treat their slaves with fairness and dignity. Paul reminded them that they have a Father in heaven who would treat them with the same severity or love that they administered to their slaves.