Oct. 19. Letter to Church at Philippi

Phil. 1:1, 2

Paul wrote several letters from prison during his ministry. After writing to Philemon, the letter to the Philippian church was probably his next. It was written from Rome about A.D. 63.

Philippi was founded by Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great. Macedonia was a Roman province and Philippi was one of the principal cities of that region.

It was during his second missionary journey that Paul had a vision calling him into Macedonia. Upon arriving at Philippi, he met with a group of Jewish women by the riverside. Of this group, Lydia and her household were the first Philippians to become Christians. They and the jailer whom Paul converted along with others comprised the church in Philippi as he and Silas moved on to other cities.

Paul and the Philippians had a great mutual admiration and it was through their love that they had sent aid to him in prison. This gift was sent by Epaphroditus and grateful Paul wrote this letter of thanks and encouragement to them. It has been called “Paul’s love letter to the church at Philippi.” Epaphroditus delivered it when he returned home later.

This epistle was addressed to the saints (Christians), bishops (elders) and deacons. As during previous times, Timothy was present as Paul wrote this letter. It is possible that Timothy penned the words as they were dictated to him.