Oct. 20. Defeat of Babylon’s Gods

Is. 46:1-47:15

Bel and Nebo were prominent gods of Babylon. They had been seen by the Babylonians as victors over the Assyrian gods. However, Isaiah pictured them as being carried into captivity on the backs of beasts and cattle. Instead of being carried by the people, God stated that it was He, the incomparable One, who had carried them from the womb and would continue to carry them from bondage. One of the most striking differences between God and idols was His ability to declare the end from the beginning; whereas idols are lifeless, burdensome and useless pieces of metal or wood.

Proud Babylon was facing humility. They would no longer be called “The Lady of Kingdoms.” Instead, they would sit in the dust and it would be necessary for them, instead of their slaves to work with their hands for their sustenance. The once proud city would be like an elegant lady brought down into slavery. To the victor go the spoils and the authority of command. Babylon had been unmerciful in their treatment of the exiled Judeans. In their pride, they had stated in their heart, “I am, and there is no one else besides me.” That statement can only be uttered by the Lord. The prophet declared that they must pay the price for their pride and arrogance. Their gods and sorcerers would be unable to prevent their impending doom. The allies in whom they had depended would desert them.