Oct. 25. Laws of Jealousy and Nazirities

Num. 5:1-6:27

God enacted provisions to protect the purity of His camp and the health of His people. Marriage has long been a sacred vow that He has taken seriously. He provided special laws to ensure that those vows would be obeyed. The law of jealousy was one of those laws. If a wife was unfaithful to her husband or if her husband suspected unfaithfulness, that law provided for discovery and punishment for the guilty wife or exoneration of the innocent if the charges were false.

A person was allowed to take a special Nazirite vow of dedication to God. While under that vow, one was forbidden to cut his hair, shave or partake of strong drink or any form or product of the vine. Neither was he to have any contact with a dead body, even accidentally. Provisions were made to restore one to his Nazirite vow if accidently becoming unclean. Upon completion of the Nazirite vow, the person was required to make special offerings to God.