Oct 26 Dedication Offerings of Leaders Num 7:1-89…

Oct. 26. Dedication Offerings of Leaders

Num. 7:1-89

Upon completion, anointment and consecration of the tabernacle, the leaders of the tribes of Israel brought an offering of six carts and twelve oxen. Those were given to the Levites to be used to transport the tabernacle whenever it was to be moved.

Following that offering, a leader from each of the twelve tribes brought an identical dedication offering each day for twelve days. The total of those offerings was twelve silver platters, twelve silver bowls and twelve gold pans. Those offerings contained 2,400 shekels of silver and 120 shekels of gold (Possibly as much as 70 pounds of silver and 3½ pounds of gold). There were thirty-six young bulls and seventy-two each of rams, male lambs in their first year and kid goats. “This was the dedication offering for the altar after it was anointed.