Oct. 26. Returning Captives Named

Ez. 2:1-70

Genealogy was important to the Israelites. It was especially important that the priests have the proper family lineage from the original priest, Aaron. Census numbers were also important as the number of people choosing to return to Judah was documented according to families and cities. There were some who chose to return that could not determine their genealogy. They along with the other families who were not Levites were forbidden to be involved with the priesthood.

One may think of their return as being simply going home. However, they had left about seventy years earlier. Many of those people had been born during that period of time and would be strangers in a land about seven hundred miles from their birthplace. Their move with their cattle and other personal possessions would be a long and difficult adventure. Another problem facing them was the general condition of the destroyed cities after seventy years, even though they had been occupied by a remnant who had avoided the exile along with others. There would be conflicts with those who had remained because they had established themselves in the land during those years.

Upon arrival, a generous offering according to their ability was taken to support the rebuilding of the temple. God’s people had returned under the leadership of Zerubbabel.