Oct. 29. Christ and His Law Superior to Moses and his Law

Heb. 2:1-18

Therefore, due to the superiority of Christ and His authority over humanity and all heavenly beings, it is very important that man abides by His teachings and commands.

The author indicated that it is easy to drift with the current of sin into destruction. He cited examples of punishment against sinners during the old law and implied that one who neglects the salvation offered through the superior Gospel of Christ also has no hope of escape. God had even given miracles and special gifts to the apostles to confirm the gospel as superior to the Law of Moses.

Much detail was given to show the Hebrew Christians how Christ and His church represented the natural flow of God’s plan to replace the Law of Moses. One can understand from a careful study of the Old Testament how Moses was a type of Christ; his law represented a type of Christ’s law and that the Children of Israel (Jews) were a type of the church of Christ.

The Hebrews writer pointed out that Jesus became a little lower than the angels and came to earth and lived as a man. It was God’s plan that Christ should suffer a physical death for man. This was explained in more detail later in the letter.

Jesus came to destroy Satan and to deliver man who was captive to Satan. Those whom He sanctifies (cleans and sets apart from the world) become sons of God and brothers of Christ. Through suffering pain, humiliation and temptations as a man, He learned firsthand how to be a merciful High Priest, Judge and Savior of man.