Oct. 30. God Demands Faithful Obedience

Heb. 3:1-19

As the writer of Hebrews continued his explanation of the superiority of Christ over Moses, he pointed out that Moses was indeed faithful as a servant in God’s house (The nation of Israel). God had given him a mission to execute and he was faithful in accomplishing that ministry. Christ, however, as a Son in His own house (the church which He built) had a greater mission and He was faithful to the Father in that work.

The Hebrews were reminded of the unfaithfulness of their fathers who were freed from Egyptian bondage many centuries earlier. They had been disobedient to God and He caused them to wander in the wilderness forty years until all but two over sixty years of age had died. He then allowed the remnant to enter His rest (Land of Canaan).

God who does not change demanded strict obedience from the Israelites in the wilderness. Christians need to be encouraged daily to remain faithful. The writer warned the Hebrews that if they hardened their hearts and departed from God, they could expect the same wrath from Him. Likewise, if they remained true to God, they would be allowed to enter the rest (heaven) that He has prepared for His children. Only those who refuse to believe and obey will be denied entrance to the heavenly home.