Oct. 30. Picture of Restored Jerusalem

Zech. 7:1-8:23

About two years after Zechariah’s first vision, God spoke to him again regarding the people’s questions of ongoing fasting. He reminded them of their disobedience during the times of the previous prophets. That had resulted in the destruction of their land and seventy years of captivity in a foreign nation. He stressed the importance of justice, mercy and compassion for their brothers.

The Lord repeated His promise to return to Zion/Jerusalem. Jerusalem would return to its former glory. Men and women would grow old and children would play in the streets. “They shall be My people, and I will be their God.” The people and the land would prosper. Instead of being a curse among nations, they would be a blessing. Their fastings would be cheerful feasts. However, they had the responsibility to honor truth, justice and peace. How one treats his neighbor is a measure of his love for the Lord. With their obedience and dependence upon God, they would be examples that would lead others to desire to follow Him. This picture of the restored Jerusalem is an image of the splendor and drawing power of the church today.