Oct. 30. Twelve Spies Sent into Canaan

Num. 13:1-33

The Israelites had advanced in their journey to the point of entering the Promised Land. Moses, at God’s instruction sent twelve men—one leader from each tribe to spy out the land. They were to report generally on the strength and numbers of the people, the fertility of the land, the size of their cities and the quality of their fruit.

After being gone forty days, the spies returned with good news/bad news. They reported that the land was indeed a land of milk and honey and they presented a single giant bunch of grapes and other fruits as examples of the bountiful fruit growing there. BUT, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we.”

Ten of the spies either forgot or ignored God’s promise to deliver the Land of Canaan to them. The other two spies, Joshua and Caleb insisted that they indeed could take the land.