Oct. 4. Desolation Before Deliverance

Zech. 11:1-12:14

Zechariah described an era in which great destruction would befall God’s people. It was characterized by the rule of incompetent leaders. The period in which that destruction would occur is uncertain as there were many times during the history of the Jews that they were persecuted because of the actions of their leaders. Evidence indicates that the time of Christ and the early church could have been the era of Zechariah’s prophecy. Jesus would be betrayed for thirty pieces of silver, the price of a slave. Those thirty pieces would soon afterward be used to purchase the potter’s field to be used as a burying place for strangers. Not many years later, Jerusalem would be destroyed by the Romans in 70 A. D.

Jerusalem suffered many hardships caused by their own shortcomings. In turn, their persecutors were also punished. It was God’s plan from the beginning for Christ to eventually reign as King of His kingdom. However, through the turmoil of His day, He was crucified for man’s sins and arose victoriously from the tomb. As the people realized their sinful condition, they mourned for Him whom they had pierced and turned to Him in repentance.